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“We are thrilled to announce that SECUTRONIC has officially become a certified reseller for EAGLE EYE NETWORK, a leader in providing on-demand, true cloud-based security, Video Analytics, AI and operations video management systems (VMS) worldwide.
This partnership marks a significant milestone for our company and demonstrates our commitment to bringing the latest solutions (Aligned with the market’s needs) to our valued clients. As a certified reseller, we are now able to offer EAGLE EYE’s innovative products and services, including a cloud-based security and operations video management system (VMS), to help businesses improve safety, security, and operations, and reduce costs. Eagle Eye also provides an open API for easy integration with applications that complement and extend the offering in innovative and useful ways.
After successful completion of the Eagle Eye Networks Onboarding Program, we can offer the following:
Expert Support: Our team is trained and certified to provide you with expert advice and support.
Exclusive Offers: Benefit from special promotions and exclusive deals available only through certified resellers.