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CEO of Secutronic # Dr. Imad Abdel Jabbar
(He gave a speech in just 120 seconds to a group of companions and colleagues during his Eid al-Fitr stay at the Narcissus Resort) so that they could remember together the days of self-development lectures and after years of experience. He said:

Life is a game consisting of (5 balls) that you manipulate in the air trying not to fall. One of these balls is rubber and the rest is made of glass. These balls are:
🔹The soul.

You will realize that (the work) is a rubber ball that every time it falls, it jumps again, while the other balls are made of glass. If one of them falls, it will not return to its previous state.

It will either be broken, bruised, cracked, or even scattered.

You have to realize that and strive for it.

Manage your work efficiently and sincerely, manage your time properly during working hours, achieve your goals, and devote yourself to your life to be reassured by your sincerity, give the necessary time to your family and friends, take an appropriate amount of rest, and take care of your health. If you go, it will be difficult to return to the way it was.